Kick Fear in the Butt


Fear is widespread and kindness has been fading. Together we CAN change the narrative...


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Campaign launched on 1st June 2022

The fear challenge is a unique campaign that will be free to join, with optional fundraising for 5 kickass National charities. The custom made merchandise is not to be missed and will have you inspiring REAL conversations as you rock the merch in public. Merchandise is now availabe for purhcase. Stay tuned peoples... we ALL need this and the community spirit will be next level! We can't wait for you to JOIN us, SHARE the love, DONATE or just have some FUN!!! FOLLOW us on socials as we hype up what's coming!!!

BONUS Fear to FIERCE Mini Course

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Kick fear in the butt leggings with IMPACT!


How YOU can help make an IMPACT with every purchase

Make a statement & make an IMPACT with these bright and bubbly custom made leggings that are a collaboration with BeKeane Healthy & Fit and Gayle Stoneart. These are available for pre-purchase via the Bekeane website. Click on the button below. All profits from the sale of these Kick fear in the butt leggings will be shared between the FIVE Kickass Aussie charities; Gidget Foundation, Bears of Hope, Friend in me, Friends with dignity and R U OK?

About these INCREDIBLE Women

Brenda from BeKeane Healthy & Fit has a wide variety of inclusive leggings for all shapes and sizes AND they are so UNIQUE!!!

Check out Brenda's full range at:

Gayle can be found via:

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