Welcome to the PNDA Warrior Tribe 

We are sooooo HAPPY that you have found us!

The PNDA Warrior Tribe is a private peer support forum for Mums, Dads, families and loved one's of those who are facing or have healed from Perinatal Depression and Anxiety.

This group is for those based in Australia and New Zealand. It is coordinated by a group of mums who have recovered from the peak of PNDA. We like to refer to these mums as our 'PNDA Warrior Leaders'.

We are using our personal experience to raise awareness for PNDA and actively support other Mums and Dads in the community.

This group was created with the intent of filling the gap that currently exists whilst those facing PNDA are awaiting an appointment with a mental health professional. This tribe is there at the onset of your diagnosis, whilst awaiting treatment, throughout your treatment and beyond.

When you find your tribe you continue to part of that tribe for a lifetime. We all have moments where we need additional support. That's the beauty of a tribe, we give when we have a full cup and others support us when our cup is empty.

How it all started...

Through the power of social media, we have connected and have a passion to create a ripple effect of KINDNESS, support and to provide other fellow warriors with hope of a BRIGHTER future.

The ripple effect started with a beautiful mum named Tegan, who reached out to Tammy from a Mums and Bubs Mental Health Unit. It was this message that sparkled an even greater PASSION to do more to support those in the trenches of mental ill-health.

The ripple effect continued through social media, when Tammy reached out to other incredible mum's; Chloe from @realmotherpodcast and Sarah who have healed from PNDA.

This is when the PNDA Warrior Tribe was BORN!

It didn't stop there!

Together these healed PNDA Warriors kick started an online support forum as a closed Facebook group.

What is the inspiration behind the name?

Through our own experiences, when we were at our lowest points, we felt like there was something terribly wrong with us. We considered ourselves to be anything but a warrior! But when you look at it, that’s exactly what a Mum or dad going through postnatal depression and anxiety is. A WARRIOR!

If you are currently in the trenches of mental ill-health, it may not feel it right now, but the STRENGTH and COURAGE you possess to battle through each day, providing and caring for your baby, seeking help and support and accepting it…that’s definitely a true symbol of a warrior to us.

Just like a tribe does, those that are further along in the healing journey support those that are at an earlier stage, providing support and hope for what is ahead.

How the TRIBE works...

The group forum encourages REAL and RAW connections through sharing the highs and lows of parenthood and PNDA. This is through a closed Facebook group.

The group will facilitate regular zoom sessions for tribe members where experts will be invited to talk about mental health, post6partum care, baby healthcare and sleep support, nutrition, empowerment coaching, career coaching and MORE!

As the tribe grows, we will also have breakout rooms within zoom to allow the partners and families to speak openly about how to best support their loved one going through PNDA. We know from personal experience that our partners, family, friends and colleagues did not know what to say to us, instead at times remained silent. Silence can be deafening for those going through PNDA, so we will share some tips on what would have or did help us.

For those that feel called to share their story, we compile your stories beautifully within a video format and with the utmost CARE. that they deserve. These AMAZING videos of vulnerability can be found below.


Mum of PNDA Warrior

Felicity shares her insight into what it was like being a mother and witnessing her daughter going through severe perinatal anxiety. 

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image


PNDA Tribe Leader

Chloe, mum to one and Founder of @therealmotherpodcast, shares her story of severe perinatal depression and anxiety. 


PNDA Warrior Tribe Leader

Sarah a mum of two, shares her story of severe perinatal depression, a and anxiety. 

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image


PNDA Warrior Tribe Member

Jade, Mum to one and Founder of @jade.postpartum shares her story of severe perinatal depression and anxiety.